3 Key Ingredients Behind The Success Of Skin Story’s Highly Effective Under-Eye Intensive Gel

3 Key Ingredients Behind The Success Of Skin Story’s Highly Effective Under-Eye Intensive Gel

Women are mindful of their skincare routine. Their grooming cabinets are usually packed with skincare products, hair grooming products, and so on. But rarely do you find under-eye gels and creams in their collection. It shows that a lot of women are skeptical about the use of under-eye creams and gels.

The skin near our eyes is 10% thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. You cannot rely on face creams to take care of your under-eye skin. Naturally, you need a special skincare product specialized in treating the skin below your eyes.

The Skin Story is here to tell you about their latest launch that promises highly effective under-eye skincare. Our team of experienced dermatologists spent a great deal of time researching top ingredients.

The Skin Story under Eye Intensive Gel demands your attention because it might just be the right product for dealing with your puffy eyes. Let us learn the ingredients used in this skincare product that makes it one of the best beauty products launched recently.

1. Resveratrol

Resveratrol comes with inherent properties that improve vascular health. The Skin Story utilizes resveratrol in its formulation. Due to this, the Skin Story under-eye intensive gel provides microcirculation to the skin. Furthermore, this ingredient is rich in anti-oxidants and provides soothing relief to your skin.

2. Nelumbo Nucifera

Puffy eyes are the result of over-work and lack of sleep. It disturbs the blood flow beneath the skin and consequently leads to dark circles. To deal with this, The Skin Story took special consideration in the ingredients used.

To do this, we formulated this product with Nelumbo Nucifera. For those who are unaware, Nelumbo Nucifera is another name for the Hindu Lotus. It is much commonly used for its potential to enhance blood circulation.

The Skin Story Under-Eye Intensive Gel has this ingredient at the heart of its formulation. By regularly applying it under your eyes, you will improve the blood flow beneath the under-eye skin.

Along with this, the ingredient is an excellent antidote for wrinkling and skin aging. The Skin Story masterminded this product by finely tuning its formulation with Nelumbo Nucifera plant extract to ensure you rejuvenate your under-eye skin.

3. Camellia Sinensis

Camellia Sinensis is derived from tea leaf extracts. Apart from its potency in improving heart health, camellia sinensis has also found its way into skincare products.

This ingredient is essential in dealing with acne and fights aging effects on the skin. Doctors also recommend camellia extracts for treating skin cancer.

The Skin Story uses the white tea extract of camellia sinensis in their Under Eye Intensive Gel. This ingredient helps penetrate deep layers of the skin and refreshes the skin cells.

Based on thorough lab testing, the experts at The Skin Story implemented the white tea extracts to fight aging, puffiness, and dark circles effectively.

Final Words

The Skin Story’s Under Eye Intensive Gel is slowly changing the skincare game with its key ingredients. Resveratrol, Nelumbo Nucifera, and camellia sinensis also consist of witch hazel and glycolic. 

Tried and tested, this product manages to be highly effective in dealing with dark circles and puffiness. It further rejuvenates the under-eye skin and gives your face a youthful glow.

You can visit our online store and know more about our extensive skincare collection, hair care, and hygiene products.

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