About Us


Our Story

The Skin Story is a serene wellness brand that strives to nourish your skin without being heavy on your bank account. Our story took shape in 2019 when we became available for everyone. Our personal experiences with skincare issues were our motivation to start a skincare line. Our founder personally suffered from pigmentation and realized that many people have similar conditions but are not well aware of the solutions. The pigmentation she has is controllable and manageable but is not fully curable. Along her way to learning more about her skin’s wellness, she built a brand that will help thousands of people like her.

With The Skin Story, we want to educate people about skincare, how to take care of your skin’s issues, and what is required in skincare regimens. While the market is flooded with products and everyone is trying to sell something, The Skin Story is here to cater to all skin concerns by selling exactly what is required, nothing more or nothing less. 



We believe that in a skincare product, the ingredients matter the most. All our products are expertly formulated, rich in ingredients, and proven to show visible results. We bring ingredients like Moringa, Witch Hazel, Keratin, Biotin, French Clay, etc that work amazingly for the Indian skin. All our ingredients are carefully picked, well-researched, and tested to ensure the results are delivered. Along with the certified ingredients we also use certified manufacturing processes to create the products.


Building the story of a beautiful tomorrow. 


The ingredients used in our products do not hamper the long life of our natural resources. We do not disturb our fluffy mates- whether it is their habitat or the animals themselves. We always make an effort to contribute towards mother earth. We are 100% Vegan, Paraben free, and also Cruelty-free.


Dynamic Delivery


We have a presence in over 3,000 offline stores across India, including Wellness Forever, Shopper’s Stop, Health & Glow, and a number of local beauty and wellness stores. Additionally, we can be found on major e-commerce platforms, and our shipping network and courier partners are extensive, allowing us to make skincare accessible to everyone. While we strive to reach more households, we are also working with our R&D team to reduce our carbon footprint consciously. Our objective with The Skin Story is to establish a holistic approach to skincare and wellness.