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About Us

-Our Story-
The Skin Story is a serene skin wellness brand that strives to provide nourishment without burning a hole in your pocket. Our story took shape and form in 2019 when we became available for everyone.The exquisite manufacturing experience that we had and our passion to share knowledge about every aspect of skin's wellness is what helped us step into the skincare scene. We believe that wellness is wealth and we believe in making wellness the protaganist of every individual's skin story. We evolved with the motto of being the solution story to every skin's concern story.

-Powerful ingredients-
We bring a potent formula that is strong in action yet supple on the skin. Our range is carefully crafted from a spread of Natural Active ingredients like Witch Hazel, Moringa, French Red Clay Blueberry, Keratin, Charcoal, Match Green Tea and more... All the ingredients we use are hand-picked with diligence after a proper research and testing. Not just certified ingredients, but believe in bringing about a change with certified manufacturing processes as well.

-We care for better/ wonderful tomorrow -
The ingredients used in our products do not hamper the long-life of our natural resources. We do not disturb our fluffy mates- whether is it their habitat or animals themselves. We always make an effort to cotribute towards our mother earth wherever we can . We are 100% Vegan, Paraben free and also Cruelty-free.

-Dynamic Delivery-
We believe that modern problems require modern solutions. Restricting our availability to just one market place wouldn't be the right thing to do to our customers. Hence we believe in being available in every touch-point to make it convenient to our customers. Our unique formula based tales and products travel through both online and offline channels. During the Pandemic we even explored the Direct to Customers or D2C Channel and made the process of skincare easy for our customers.