3 Essential Face-Grade Body Products From The Skin Story

3 Essential Face-Grade Body Products From The Skin Story

We expend our time thinking and taking care of our face forgetting about the rest of the 95% of the skin. You cannot deny that the signs of aging appear all over your body, from neck and chest to your knees and legs.

This is the reason why we must step up our skincare game. Before it is too late, rethink your skincare routine. Start by considering using face-grade products. These skincare products cater to skincare comprehensively. In simpler words, it provides full-body-skin-care giving you brighter and glowing skin from your forehead to toes.

Let us look at three face-grade products that cover everything from the best body wash for women to keratin body lotion by The Skin Story that is gradually changing skin care game with their well-researched formulations.

1. The Skin Story Keratin Body Lotion, Smart Technology

This keratin body lotion has fucogel, keratin protein, and moringa oil as their key ingredients. The fucogel is SMART active, making it the heart of the formulation.

Fucogel is responsible for giving a soothing effect on your skin. Furthermore, it deeply moisturizes your skin and stimulates epidermal sirtuin -1 that fights aging.

Additionally, the inclusion of Keratin Protein is nothing but a touch of genius. The keratin is influential in supplementing your skin with the essential protein that enhances your skin’s elasticity. It also provides deep moisturization.

With these two master ingredients, Moringa Oil is nothing but a cherry on the cake. Its strong antioxidant properties make this product a highly potent face-grade body lotion.

Skin experts recommend applying this skincare product gently all over your body regularly. Masterfully crafted for providing essential nutrients to the skin, this keratin body lotion is a vital face-grade skin care product. Without a doubt, it is easily one of the best body lotions online.

2. Moringa Sunscreen, Uva & Uvb Broad Spectrum Protection

When it comes down to protecting your body's skin, you cannot count out sunscreen lotions. The harsh summer sun can be extremely harmful to your skin if you step out unprepared.

This is where the Moringa Sunscreen lotion comes into the picture. Its rich formulation comprises SPF 50, Witch Hazel, and Moringa Oil.

This matt finish sunscreen lotion provides one-of-a-kind non-sticky protection. The addition of Witch Hazel gives this sunscreen an edge and makes it much more than merely a sun protection cream. This is one of the chief reasons why it is considered as one of the best body lotions online.

Witch hazel is a rich ingredient responsible for tightening the skin's pores and giving your skin a firm and glowing look. This lotion does just that. Its matt finish texture allows the cream to stay active for 24 hours.

This lotion provides complete UVA & UVB broad-spectrum skin protection against the sun. At the same time, it also enhances your skin health by supplying essential nutrients. So, if you think about face-grade products, this one is right up your alley.

3. The Skin Story Blueberry Shower Gel

When you are looking up for the best body wash for women, you will stumble upon The Skin Story Blueberry Shower Gel sooner or later. It is formulated with Witch Hazel, Blueberry, and Olive Oil. All three ingredients make up for a top skincare formulation.

A spell of the shower with this gel will deeply moisturize and revitalize your skin. Start your day by hydrating your skin with blueberries and olive oil. This is one of the essential face-grade products that give your body's skin a thorough revitalization. It is gradually making its way to become one of the best body washes in India.


The products that complete your face-grade skincare pack are a keratin body lotion, blueberry body shower gel, and moringa sunscreen lotion.

Visit our online store and get your hands on these skin care products that offer a holistic skincare treatment to your body. After all, skincare is not limited just to the face.

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